THE FIRST PORT OF CALL FOR MANY VISITORS TO INDIA, WHETHER AS A STARTING POINT FOR A TRIP THROUGH THE WELL-TRODDEN TRAIL OF THE COUNTRY’S GOLDEN TRIANGLE OR AS A BASE FOR EXPLORING NORTHERN INDIA. ALTHOUGH MANY OF THESE PEOPLE CHOOSE NOT TO STAY FOR VERY LONG, I THINK THAT DELHI IS DEFINITELY WORTH AT LEAST A FEW DAYS OF YOUR TIME. Delhi is a fascinating place. As well as being a melting pot of ethnicities and religions, it is a city of contrasts. In the south, wide tree-lined avenues are surrounded by colonial mansions and expansive gardens dotted with vast monuments and ancient tombs. As you move towards the chaos of Old Delhi, you find claustrophobic, narrow streets overflowing with people and traffic. Think colourful spice markets, world-renowned cuisine, creative hubs and centuries of fascinating history. I think that Delhi has something to offer everyone, you just have to give it a chance. WHERE TO STAY IN NEW DELHI Deciding where to stay in a city the size of Delhi can be a mind-boggling task. Not only are there a huge number of hotel options, ranging from budget-friendly fleapits to lavish five-star palaces, it can also be difficult to decide which are of the city to bed down in. Many of the city’s hostels are located in Paharganj, the noisy and bustling backpacker hub close to the city’s railway station. However, in my opinion, it is an area that’s best avoided. Alternatively, the area around Connaught Place is near to a vast majority of the tourist sights and is much quieter with a higher standard of accommodation. During my stay in Delhi, I stayed in the south of the city. Not only is it a little more convenient for getting an Uber to/and from the airport, but you’re also much more likely to catch a good night’s sleep without the fear of being kept awake by the constant honking of car horns. While it may take longer for you to reach the sights of Central and Old Delhi, I think that the trade-off is worth it.

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