Ketosis is a metabolic state characterised by the production of ketones from the breakdown of fats, and is a central aspect of low-carbohydrate and ketogenic diets. As the body shifts from relying on glucose to using fats for energy, certain symptoms emerge, providing clues that you are in ketosis. “Ketosis is a normal state in which your metabolism speeds up. To form blood cells, your body burns down acids called ketones. Following the process, these ketones exit the body via the urine. The presence of ketones in the body causes the ketosis process. It assists the user in losing extra fat from the body and beginning to break down fat instead of glucose for energy production in the body,” said Clinical Nutritionist Ms. Shilpa Verma from Indu Hospital, Lucknow. A significant change in breath odour is one of the early indications of ketosis. As the body creates ketones, a type of chemical that includes acetone, the breath may have a slightly sweet or fruity odour. This effect is known colloquially as “keto breath.”

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