Philosophy as a discipline has always mesmerized people with its charm and secrets. It takes you into a world of new possibilities and tells you things you never knew existed. The same goes with movies, movies take you into someone else’s world make you feel new things, and take you to new places around the globe and, back in time with a screen in front of you. What better combination than Philosophy and movies? Philosophy is considered to be a tough one to get through but these movies would not just entertain you but leave you with a feeling like Alice in Wonderland. Before we dive into the list, things you should know is that these movies need a lot of pondering, some plots might seem simple but powerful and others might feel perplexing and uncomfortable but they will surely get you to question the complexities of life.


This movie is groundbreaking not just because of the storyline but also because of the conviction of the director and the cast. This movie is filmed over a period of 12 years with the same caste. This movie is a trip into Mason Jr’s life. You see him grow from a 6-year-old to a young adult. Obviously, he doesn’t have a usual happy childhood but rather a traumatic one. From divorced parents to abusive step-parents. Boyhood has a charm to it, even if one is not aware of the 12-year period that is the movie was filmed in one can surely feel the continuity and understand the mind of a young adult. How a child grows up into being a new person and how incidents shape them. Directed by Richard Linklater this movie should be next on your list.

Life of Pi

We all have watched this movie, If not watched you must have heard about it. This fantasy drama surrounds the life of a young man, a disaster, a friendship, and a journey for survival. Directed by Ang Lee. It is an adaptation of a Man booker prize-winning novel by the same name, written by Yann Martel. The story is set in the ’70s in Pondicherry a coastal state in India. The movie begins with a conversation between a writer visiting the Indian storyteller Pi Patel who is the protagonist. The writer asks Pi to narrate his story of life. Pi played by the late Irrfan Khan starts to begin with his childhood struggles. The main theme of the movie comes into the picture when Pi and his family are met with a sea storm during their migration to Canada followed by shipwrecking. The saddest part is the ship sunk leaving only Pi and his friend Richard Parkour alive. This is where survival knocks in, the struggle of Pi is followed by the discovery and then peace. Suggesting that suffering so profound is momentary. Loss of loved ones and the struggle of surviving in the middle of nowhere might make you feel uncomfortable. But calm is constant throughout the whole movie. Life of Pi is a must-watch with various themes at play, it has something for everyone.

Mr. Nobody

Released in 2009 this Jared Leto starter movie is an amalgamation of romance, drama, and fantasy. This movie is weirdly smooth, like a dream state. Jared Leta plays the character of Nemo. This movie also begins as Nemo is narrative his experience to the reporter. The theme here is immortality. In this world, people don’t die but Nemo is an exception he is the last mortal in this world. Nemo remembers his time in stages interestingly linked with something traumatic or rather special. The movie progresses as Nemo describes his life. This movie is a representation of your subconscious mind. Of all the possibilities one can imagine. This movie represents Nemo’s choices and how these choices shaped his life. Directed and written by Jaco Van Dormael, this movie will definitely make you think. As weird as it might seem this movie is visually appealing and gripping.



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