In the fast-paced world of Hollywood, where each day is a new scene, a fresh character, or a different set, finding moments of genuine, heartfelt connection can seem like a rarity. Yet, as an American actress and a committed vegan, Thanksgiving has become an oasis of reflection, gratitude, and celebration of compassion in my life.

Morning – A Time for Reflection

The day begins with a quiet that’s rare in my usually bustling life. I wake up earlier than usual, not because of a call time, but to have a moment with myself. Sitting on the porch of my Los Angeles home, I sip on my almond milk latte, the city below still hushed. This is my time to reflect – to think about the year that has passed, the roles I’ve played, the people I’ve met, and the journey I’ve taken not just as an actress but as a person who’s chosen a path less traveled: veganism.

The Parade – A Childhood Dream

The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is a tradition I’ve never outgrown. Watching the giant balloons and vibrant floats on TV, or sometimes being part of the parade itself, takes me back to my childhood in the Midwest. I remember sitting cross-legged in front of our old television, wide-eyed, dreaming of one day being part of that magical world. Today, this parade symbolizes more than a childhood dream; it’s a celebration of life, diversity, and joy – values that resonate deeply with my vegan lifestyle.

Midday – Family, Friends, and Heartfelt Conversations

By midday, my home becomes a hub of warmth and laughter. Friends, family, fellow actors, and even my agent mingle, the aroma of spiced pumpkin and roasted vegetables filling the air. I love these unscripted moments – so different from my on-set life. Conversations flow from the frivolous to the profound. We discuss the latest in Hollywood, but we also delve into topics close to my heart – like animal rights, environmental sustainability, and health. My choice to be vegan often comes up, and I share my story, not to preach but to offer a perspective.

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