Are you dreaming of the perfect vacation at Kayla but have no idea where to start planning can you liaise about the cost? And not sure what to do when you get there I’ll let us plan your dream for you. Kerala is the perfect choice of destination two plan your escape to, and you have landed at the right place to make this tropical vacation happen. Famously known as The ‘God’s on country’ Kerala is the picturesque

beauty that is located in the tropical Malabar coast of India and here, we give you a white selection of Kerala blog.expertly written to cater to all your travel needs. You can go as far as you can, with your imagination, and find the best of option to make your Kerala trip come true with the lifetime of memories and adventures to look forward.

Best places to visit in Kerala.

  1. Chengannur
  2. Pathanamthitta
  3. Thalassery 
  4. Thodupuzha 
  5. Thiruvalla
  6. Ottoalam
  7. Nilmbur
  8. Munnar
  9. Trivandrum 
  10. Varkala 
  11. Eravikulam national park
  12. Chinnar wildlife sanctuary 

Chengannur – 7 interesting places to visit in washroom Chengannur

1 – Valiya koyikkal places is fine. Example of architectural brilliance and this Timings: 9:00 A.M To Till 1:00 P.M

Location: sathram Junction,Pazhavadi,Nedumangad ,Kerala  695541


2-Pathanamthitta- nestle in the heart of kerala pathanamthitta hidden gem          awaiting to be explorer by the avoid and travelers and natural enthusiasts. place   to visit pathanamthitta promises an unforgettable Journey through the heart of  Kerala.let’s drive and check out all the amazing attractions. You can explore on     your next trip in this wonderful town.

1-pathanamthitta best places to vist -sabarimala temple

2-perunthenaruvi waterfall best places to visit here too

3-Aranmula parthasarathy temple 

4-konni Elephant training centre 

5-Gavi -located in the lush greenery of Kerala district

6-Charalkunnu -the scenic beauty of Kerala,is hidden gem for nature lovers and solitude hill etc


3-Thalassery best places to visit- Thalassery, often referred to, as the ‘land of the seven seas’ is a picturesque down, located in the northern part of Kerala India, steeped , Naturals and cultural beauty. it’s a offer for a blind of historical intrigue , natural beauty and the cultural, cultural diversity that set it apart as a must visited destination in Kerala as you explore the tourist places in Thalassery


5 best  places in Thalassery(Kerala)

 1-Tellicherry Fort-Tellicherry Ford is architectural marvel that transports you back    in time.built in the 18th centuries by the British east India’s a living test   meant to Tellicherry. Hidden tunnels and captivating lighthouse.from the lighthouse, you can enjoy the breathe, taking view of the Arabian sea, making it up photographs paradise.etc

2-overburys Folly – historic gem overburys folly is a magnificent mansion ,a fusion of colonial Anna Indian architectural style is.that now served as a heritage’s a Hallowed Hall are in a perfect place to encounter treasure, trove of antiques .Including paintings and personal positions abilities, officials, each room narrates, a story of the bygone era and offering glimpse into thalasssry reach history


3-Muzhappilangad Drive -in Beach – nestled in the northern part of Kerala.Muzhappilangad driving beach is a unique coastal wondered that stretches over a 4 km dots, making it a longest drive in a beach in India. This pristine stretch of Costa line is not just a place to soak up the sun and safari he the waves dot it’s experience like no other.the Giants wave of the Arabian Sea of safe swimming and the Seren ambience make it up perfect for peace, nice


4Thodupuzha -best tourist places in Thodupuzha

1- malankara Dam-nestled amidst the tranquil hills of         Thodupuzha in kerala the malankara dam,a peaceful retreat in a a perfect place for a nature, lover.this massive structure, not only the harness, the pristine waters of the Thodupuzha river but also offer serene oasis for travel seeking salons.boating on the tranquil reservoir,encompassed by rush greenery and peaks.

Location- malankara dam Rd

Timing-9:00 AM To 5:30 PM

5-Thiruvalla-Thiruvalla is sued in the pathanamthitta district of Kerala.the Temple town lies on the bank of the manimala river, and is the picturesque location 


 Best places to visit Thiruvalla-

1-kaviyoor mahadeva temple-Mahadeva Temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva devotees, come to the temple to worship the 3 feet high Shivalinga, which have been curved out of rock and enshrined in the square cave, and Goddess Parvati.the promises of the temple also have a idea of the Ganpati.

Timing-3:30 am to 11:30 am and 5 pm to 8 pm


2-paliakkara church-paliakkara church, also known as.George orthodox one of the oldest churches and one of the best places to visit Thiruvalla

Location -Paliakara ,kayamkulam-Thiruvalla

Time -8:00 Am to 8:00 Pm


3-Sri vallabha temple-dedicated to Lord Vishnu.Sri vallabha templ is an important pilgrimage site for vaishnavites.

The 50 feet flag post of the temple is carved out of a single rock of the granite with the 3 feet Garuda,(the vehicles of Lord Vishnu) At the top.apart from the Lord Vishnu.there is a shrine of  Lord Sudarshana on the premises the daily rituals of the temples involves , kathakhali

Location-kavumbhagm thirumoolapuram Thiruvalla Kerala

Time -4::00 Amto 11:30 Am and 5pm to 8 pm


6-Ottoalam —best places to visit

1-palakkad Forg- counted in a well preserved fort’s in  Kerala. This Ford was rebuilt in 1766 by the ruler of Mansoor, Sultan Haider Ali , the attractions hold great the fort was captured by Britishers  after a while God you will get to know various interesting facts about the fort that will below your mind. The city is not far from the Ottoalam and is easily accessible by the car. It will hardly take a hour to reach the destination from the 


Location- palakkad-koduvayur chittur-Thathamangalam

Timing-  8 AM to 5:30 Pm


7-Best places to Nilambur –

1-Adyanpara waterfall- a stunning waterfall located in the midst of lush greenery.perfect for a peaceful and scenic experience.

S2-Teak museum– a Unique museum dedicated to showcasing the history and importance of the teak wood with the interesting exhibits and displays


3-Connollys plot- a historic plantation, known for its name towering trees, and serene ambience.perfect for leisurely  ,walk and natural  appreciation


The best time to visit.Nilmbur and its attraction is during the winter month from October to March when the weather is pleasant and ideal for outdoor activities. The waterfalls there are most impressive during the monsoon seasons from June to September, but it is important to exercise caution and check for any travel advisories during these times. The teak museum and other indoor attractions can be visited years-round.


8-Munnar- Munnar,India offers breathtaking views,and serene tea plantations. Munar.with is sprawling tea plantation Charmings towns.windings lans and exotics a popular resort town in a Kerala without a doubt, it is the most visited tourist destination in Kerala.Munnar is a largest tea, growing region and one of the best hills station in south India this is a wind down located in the western Garden and Kerala is a set at an altitude of 6000’s knows as the high range of travancore,Munnar used to be a summer resort of the,Britishers during colonial times

By Railway — 

Kochi or Ernakulam is the nearest major railway stations.the coach or Ernakulam junction connect various parts of India, including Delhi Bangalore Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, etc to the Mun no good, you’re not munnar Aluva is the nearest railway about 100 and kilometres.however, it is not a major railway station and it is not connected to cities across the country

By Air—

Kochi international airport is the nearest airport, which is about 125 km away from Munnar.the coaching airport is well linked with the all the major cities of India and also with the cities around the world number of taxi services are operated from the airport to the Munnar and those you can reach Munnar from Kochi

By Road

Munnar has a well established road network with the state and national highways connecting Munnar various parts of the country .you can either board the buses from the bus stations or hire car to reach Munnar hire car and enjoy the beautiful view on the roads breathing in the cool mountain bridge


Best time to visit Munnar

It is always the best time to visit Kerala and the same goes for Munnar .but Munnar is at its best during the moment of October and number and January to may the monsoon. Almost get over by this September and the end of monsoon the atmosphere starts getting greener With the pleasant temperatures during the month of October and November winter in Munnar starts of bid adieu  by the end of the February.with the end of the freezing winter, you can expect the temperature rise to an optimal level and continue until the end of may if you are looking forward to the best time to visit Munnar use. Should plan your dates between up to November and January to may

  9-Trivandrum— Trivandrum Kerala capital.thiruvananthapuram or Trivandrum has many facts.the commercial nerve centres.research and educational hub and cultural hotspot from the times of the ones score kingdom.The city has a located by the sea which ones attract European sea-farers and made it prominent trending,post for spice’s and ivory.I visited Trivandrum when I was chasing the atukkal pongala festival, sometime back here,my mini guide to explore this beautiful costly sitting.

The iconic padmanabhaswamy Temple is a Trivandrum biggest attraction and one of the reaches religious institutions in the south India, the 1840 kuthiramallika places,museum of the Royal family of travancore display rare antique,like the bohemian crystal throne from Belgium with the travancore emblem, you should also stop by the adjoining arts and gallery that display the 1100 painting from the Travancore Dynasty,the 1855, Napier Museum has a collected of art defected related to the kings and queen of course as well some of fine Raja Ravi paintings

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