the biggest billionaire winner of, 2023

the top 10 billionaires, who gained the most wealth in 2023, added a combined $490 million to their wealth.according to Forbes reports. Here are some of the biggest wealth, gainer in 2023 1- Elon musk : Is net, worth increased by $100.4 billion.reaching $254.9 billion primarily due to the success of and space X2 2-Bernard Arnault -: The founder, chairman and CEO of LVMH.which an iconic brand like Dior , Louis Vuitton,and Bulgari ,saw his Net worth surge by 53 billion dollar Sent to March 2022.reaching $211 billion   3mark Zuckerberg -: The CEO of meta platform had a significant increase in a wealth.although the exact amount in a not specific in the search result 4-Jeff Bezos-:The founder of Amazon added more than $70 billion to his wealth, bringing his net worth closer to that of Elon Musk, 5-michael Dell -: The founder of Dell technology gained $21.5 billion, bringing his net worth to $70 billion 6-Bill Gates-: The founder of Microsoft gained $25 billion, Reaching his net worth to $134 billion 7-Jensen Huang -: The CEO of Nvidia Gained $27.6 billion, Bringing his net worth to $41.4 billion 8- Larry Ellison-: The founder and CEO of oracles corporations gain $36.1 billion, reaching net worth of one $28 billion     According to the available, research result, The technology industry contributed the most of wealth gain in 2023. seven Of the top 10 billionaire who gained the most wealth in 2023 are technology, billionaires,

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