Ram mandir Ayodhya 

The Ram mandir is a Hindu temple under construction in Aya.Uttar Pradesh, India.located at the side of Ram Jammu Bhoomi.the hypothesized birthplace of Rama The temple is being constructed by the Sriram Janmabhoomi, teerth kshetra trust.and the first phase of constructions begin in 2020. The Mand is expected to be completed by 2024. The temple complex will feature various, component’s, including   Ram mandir, Ayodhya: here why the temple will be inaugurated on January 22 -2024 1-Sri Ram Kund yagyashala (home of holy offering) 2-hanuman Ghani 3-veer Maruti vishal pratima (Giganti statue of load hanuman) 4-Shree kamm keerti satsang bhavan  5-Guru Vashishtha peethika  6-ved,puran, Raman evam Sanskrit Anusandhaan anukshetra (centre of study for research on Ved ,puran, Ramayan,sanskrit    Ram mandir, Ayodhya: here why the temple will be inaugurated on January 22 -2024 We all know that Ram Temple will be inaugurated on the January 22, 2024 preparations are on in full swing for this auspicious day. but a few people know why January 22 has specifically been chosen for the consecration of this temple. The time of inaugurations of Ram Temple on 22 January 2024 as we all know the other Ram temporary is being inaugurated on 22 January 2024. Let us therefore understand what the significance of the auspicious Time of 84 second is, during which the ideal of Ram Lala will be installed in the temple.auspicious will be begin from 12:29 minutes eight second, and last till 12:30  minutes set 32 seconds after the Consecration Ram Lala.there will be Maha, Puja and Mahaaarti  Significance of, 22 January 2024 According to the Hindu calendar.January 22 is the Dwadashi date of Shukla paksha of pausha month.nakshatra mrigashira and yoga Brahma are till 8.47 in the morning and after the Indra yoga will take place Why was the January 22 chosen for  pran pratishtha  According to astrologer’s, 22nd January is karma Dwadashi.this dwadashi date is dedicated to the Lord Vishnu.it is sad that on this day, Lord Vishnu took the forms of a tortoise. According to the religious texts on this day,Vishnu incarnation himself as a tortoise Helped in the churning of the occasion. Lord Siri Ram is the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Therefore, this day is a considered very auspicious for the inaugurations of Ram Temple, and that is the reasons why this day has been chosen for this auspicious big event

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