Small businesses  idea to start in 2024

Here are some of the best start-up ideas for 2024 categories into the different fields first 

1 e-commerce and online services 

launch your own business. 

Online stores or marketplace. 

Create digital products or online  courses 

offer resume writing services

become a social media management consultant

starter podcast 

2-Renewable and clean-tech

Solar energy, installations, and consulting

Waste management and recycling services

Water purification and filtration system

Green infrastructure development


3 Subscription based service

Offer Box, subscriptions boxes for various,niches such a beauty, pet care, hobbies or personalized products


4 Handyperson and skilled Trades

Specialized services in the paintings,candles, making.indoors plants.or custom, mason and jars


5 education and trainings

Teach online courses or workshops in your area of expertise


6 local services

Offer services like and carpet cleaning for local businesses


7 content creators

Start a blog.YouTube channels or social media presents to share your knowledge and expertise

Affiliate marketing

Freelancing remote job

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