Kejriwal arrest : why AAP leaders storm social media with India with kejriwal

Kejriwal is the prominent Indian politicians and the national conveyors of the Adam admi party (AAP) he has been serving as the chief minister of Delhi since 2015 and after his first terms in the post from2013 to 2014 case wall is unknown for his work in the anticorruption movement in Delhi, and for founding the AP which has gained significantpolitical presence in the daily and Punjab.

Kejriwal arrest : AAP leaders storm social media with India with kejriwal

Arvind Kejriwal, The chief minister of Delhi was arrested by the Enforcement Directorate (ED) in connection with the Delhi excise policy case. The case involves allegations of corruption and money laundering in the formulation and executions of the daily government’s excise policy for 2021 and 2022, which was later is scrapped the ED claim that AAP leader received kickbacks worth hundred crores in the excise policy

The recent RS of casual by the ED in connection with the Delhi excise policy case has brought a new set of challenges for his tenure as a CM however, the AP has asserted that he would continue to discharge his duties given, if it require him to do so from prison

Arvind Kejriwal tenure as achieve minister of Delhi has been marked by the several significant initiatives And challenges, since taking office his administration has focused on key areas such education, healthcare and infrastructure double and under his leadership, the arm admin party has implemented reforms in the education sector, improving the quality of government schools and educational outcomes. The daily government has also been in recognise for its effort to improve the healthcare system by establishing Mahala killing that provided, free pharmacy, healthcare services

Arvind government has also faced controversies and challenges, including legal battles and conflicts with the central government over jurisdictional matters dispute these challenges. His party has maintained a strong political presence in Delhi winning conservative,assembly elections,and retaining control of the Delhi government.

Overall, Kejriwals,tenure has been eventful with a mix of achievements and controversy, shaping his political journey

Arvind Government has undertaken various Initiatives across different sector Here are some noticeable ones:

Education reform-The government has made a significant changes in the academic structure and syllabus under initiatives Like ‘chunatuti 2018′ Focusing on Infrastructure. Teacher, training and creative learning methods’.

Electricity and water-subsidies on electricity and water to reduce the cost of consumer.

Healthcare-establishment of Mohala clinic to provide a free pharmacy healthcare services

Transportation-free bus, travel for women to promote safety and mobilty

Social welfare-free ration for the poor shelter for the homeless and paid pilgrimage’s for the elderly.

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